Even Superheros Carry On Learning

When the everyday is changing every day, we have the opportunity to lean into the uncertainty and do what we can do – here and now.

Businesses need a new leadership approach to drive transformation and respond to changes in business, technology and society and the wide-scale disruption caused by the pandemic.

Modern Leadership is the vision and direction of a business’s strategies, actions and behaviours in response to the changing world of new technologies, shifting consumer needs and social change.

The pace of change will only accelerate as the world adjusts and businesses and consumers begin to regain confidence. Now is a great time to get your house in order, sharpen your approach and make sure you have the Modern Leadership skills and mindset your business needs.

When you are competing for the best people out there, you cannot afford to look like you have some catching up to do with your competitors, or feel out of step when interviewing potential candidates. 

Building Modern Leadership teams is a journey unique to you and your business.

How you engage and attract some of the best players out there is down to your own style and approach, your culture and business goals. 

Learning and tackling the new is always a little scary, right? But you’ve done it before, at work and at play. Remember? Something drew you to it, although you didn’t have a clue how it all worked. But gradually you learned. You gained knowledge, picked up the new lingo, understood who the players and experts are. It felt great to do something new and do it well. You became part of the tribe, which is an innately joyful human experience. It starts with an interest, then you invest time and effort and over time you get really good at it. 

Yes, there is a theoretical element to learning through listening, reading or being taught or coached. However, nothing beats the experiential part that turns a layman into an expert. 

Besides the rewards and joys of building new skills and expertise, learning how to do this yourself has the lovely side effect of keeping the career decline wolf at the door. You’ve still got it. You can hold your own with the people at work who are ten/twenty years younger.

I’ve pulled together a few ideas of how you can explore and get into Modern Leadership. You may just want to learn enough to keep you dangerous, or you may find a new interest that keeps you enthralled on a path to deeper expertise.

It’s Playtime. 

Have fun learning, switch to an exploration and discovery mode.

Connect with people, get familiar with the terminology, read books, articles and posts, listen to podcasts. Don’t forget to share what you know and think with others. 

Use Your New Insights

The only way to get comfortable with and deepen your new knowledge is by using it.

Don’t start from scratch. Modern Leadership is additive to your existing skills and approach, so keep building and practicing. This will position you well amongst the leaders and experts who are also exploring what comes next.

Your Business Is The Athlete

You are the team leader or the coach who knows how to assemble and play with a Modern Leadership team to win with your business growth and transformation strategy and compete in this new and crazy world.

It’s An Infinite Game

Thank you, Simon Sinek! The Infinite Game

Understand the game and recognise that it is an ongoing effort to build a winning Modern Leadership team. Make sure your team is trained and conditioned well in every Modern Leadership discipline you need in your business. Continually judge your team’s skills, strengths and ability, be aware of the gaps and find your solutions to fill them.   

Keep It Real And Make It Yours.

Building trust with your existing team and potential new hires is a critical component to attract and set up newcomers for success. 

Unleashed by Frances Frei & Anne Morris has some great advice on how to build trust and lead today.

Make Sure Your Culture Is Elastic Enough To Absorb The New.

Strong business cultures are critical to success today. However, a culture can also harbour, hide and protect entrenched fiefdoms or fears that stand in the way of progress.

Remember, It’s A journey.

There will be days when the new and unknown are overwhelming, but there will also be the glory days when all the hard work has been worth it.

Let’s build a Modern Leadership Community. 

Please connect with me, or follow Frisch Search Modern Leadership if you are interested in becoming part of it.


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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

We are passionate about delivering diverse and balanced shortlists of exceptional candidates, promoting diversity and equality in the leadership teams and supporting our clients in achieving positive change and competitive advantage.

We champion diversity and inclusion through Modern Leadership https://modernleadership.net/ – a platform we have created to build a community of progressively minded established and emerging leaders and leadership experts.

Modern Leadership is teaching us how leadership is changing, recognising the growing importance of human values-led leadership, especially with regard to diversity and inclusion, sustainability, social justice, workplace change and business transformation.

Modern Leaders believe that fluid communication and collaboration in diverse teams create better ideas and thinking, agility and a deeper connection with employees, consumers, business partners and investors.

Frisch Search have developed a new approach to how we identify, engage and represent candidates that is values-driven and assesses and predicts the mindset and behaviours of executives as well as the working environment and culture they will foster and thrive in.

Our clients and candidates have access to our Modern Leadership community.  Here, they can find inspiration, curated content, networking opportunities and learn how to better engage in conversation about the values that drive business success and value.

Executive Search for us is deeply personal.  We care about the work we do and about the people we work with.  We are mindful that being assessed and evaluated is sometimes uncomfortable and unsettling and we do everything we can to ensure that our candidates feel heard, seen and valued and are treated with dignity and respect.  We build relationships with candidates that allow them to speak openly and ask difficult questions and we frequently ask for feedback.

We passionately present our clients’ diversity and inclusion efforts and commitments and believe in the collective ownership of building diverse leadership teams.  We show candidates the diverse makeup of the teams they would be part of.  We guarantee careful, yet clear communication so that there is no inference that there may be an intention to advantage or disadvantage any group/person.  We make every effort to explain the search criteria – the skills, experience and ability required, and make sure that all candidates have a positive experience and are reassured of our and our clients’ commitments.

At the start of a search we assess the diversity of the entire candidate pool in the respective function, market and domain.

Of course, we make sure that we understand and comply with diversity and inclusion policy, regulation and legislation in the markets and territories we work in.

Our talent network is highly diverse across cultural and socioeconomic background, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age and disability.

We stay connected and nurture our ecosystem through active immersion and community engagement, continuous learning and training.  We participate in debates, forums and events and make sure we understand new emerging tools, solutions.

Frisch Search was founded and is led by Carola Frisch.  Carola is a leadership expert and has created Modern Leadership, advocating the shift towards a new human values-led leadership standard and a regular contributor and speaker at industry events, conferences and forums.

Carola is a Fellow member of the RSA, an organisation in the forefront of significant social impact that envisages a world where everyone is able to participate in creating a better future.  She also is an active supporter of the One Better World Collective, a non-profit organisation with a 10-year strategy to equip people everywhere to act upon the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

In more than two decades, Carola has built and led diverse teams in terms of age, ethnicity, social background, nationality and cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The firm has a strong track record in delivering diverse leadership placements.

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